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Economic, mobile scissor lift tables available in manual, hydraulic operation only. These scissor tables offer a quality product at an economic price. Five models are available with capacities ranging from 200 - 800KG. For more information on these scissor lifts or any other scissor lift product, contact us or call 01553 811977.

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economic scissor lift tables
Economic scissor lift tables - product specification [all dimensions are in mm, unless shown]


Model Reference Capacity (KG) A
Net Weight (KG)
BD-SC-200-S-M-JCB 200KG 760 250 485 700 41KG
BD-SC-300-S-M-JCB 300KG 850 335 520 850 80KG
BD-SC-500-S-M-JCB 500KG 950 350 610 920 108KG
BD-SC-800-S-M-JCB 800KG 930 350 610 920 112KG
BD-SC-350-D-M-JCB 350KG 1610 430 610 920 130KG

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